Workflow Assessment History

Track changes, manage compliance and enhance decision-making with's comprehensive workflow history feature.


Viewing the history of an assessment is a useful feature that enables you and your team to get a complete view of the changes that have been made to a workflow assessment and who has viewed the workflow assessment. This enables you and your team to have a complete understanding of the context around the current state of the assessment and how it has progressed over time.

History may also be required by your organisation for compliance purposes.

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Example Usage

  • View who created the assessment and when.
  • View which fields were changed, who made changes to each field and when.
  • View which stages were changed, who changed the stages and when.
  • View changes to the status, who changed the status and when.


Viewing workflow assessment history is super easy and is available on all workflow assessments.

  1. Navigate to the Assess option on the left hand app menu.
  2. Click on an assessment record.
  3. Click on the History icon on the right hand side of the assessment record.
Workflow assessment history time line
Workflow assessment history time line


There are currently no settings associated with workflow assessment history. History is always available when viewing a workflow assessment by clicking on the History icon on the right hand side of the page.


Workflow assessment history is a useful tool to quickly and easily view changes to workflow assessments and who has viewed the assessment. History can also be used to help decide on how to progress the workflow assessment, identify errors, identify if improvements can be made to the workflow design or for compliance purposes.