Create digital workflows with AI in seconds!

Simply ask AssessAI to create a workflow based on your use case or requirements and AssessAI will publish your workflow to your workspace.

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AI generated workflow

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Turbo charge efficiency & reduce costs 🚀

Increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency increases efficiency by streamlining and automating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on higher value activities.

Increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency increases efficiency by streamlining and automating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on higher value activities.

Supporting business agility

Supporting Business Agility supports business agility by providing a no-code drag-and-drop approach to building and maintaining workflows, allowing for quick updates and publishing in minutes.

Any use case

Any use case

Organisations have many processes, many of which are unique to each organisation. Create a workflow in minutes using for any process.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Simply drag and drop form components and buttons to the flow builder canvas and add actions to buttons - it doesn't get any easier!

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

With a low cost of ownership, reduces costs by streamlining and automating business process, allowing for increased efficiency & productivity.

For Any Size Organization

For Everyone

Whether you are a large enterprise, a small business or a freelance consultant, provides the tools for any workflow.

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Workflow building blocks for any use case

Workflow Buttons with Actions

Buttons with actions

Add actions to buttons to determine workflow logic when clicked. Change stages, make stages read only, change the status with optional conditional rules.

Workflow Templates

Workflow templates

Get started immediately without having to design your workflow. Simply select a workflow template, publish and start creating assessments,

Drag and drop workflow components

Drag & Drop

Easily build and update your workflow design by adding components to your workflow canvas and simply drag the components to the desired position.

Upload your data

Import your data

Import your existing data to create a data store which can be used in lookup fields or upload data and automatically create bulk assessments saving time.

Workflow Version Control

Workflow versioning

Every time you publish your workflow a new workflow version is created enabling you to control published versions and roll back to previous versions.

Team roles and permissions

Team roles & permissions

Create your own roles with their own permissions allowing you have have complete control over the functionality available to your team.

Workflow Access Control

Workflow access control

Open workflows to everyone in your organisation or restrict who can access sensitive workflows by role or individual team members.

Multi-workspace Workflow Solution


Each workspace includes all your data, workflows, team members and settings. Easily create and switch between multiple workspaces.

Auto Save

Auto save

Your data is automatically saved when completing assessments with optimised off-line storage in areas with poor internet connections.

Any device

Any device

Create and view your assessments and key functionality on multiple devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Save thousands by replacing multiple solutions with is a multi purpose workflow solution
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Data Residency Australia


Store your workspace data in Australia

Data Residency USA


Store your workspace data in the USA

Data Residency European Union

European Union

Store your workspace data in the EU

Next level data security

It's your data and our customer's data is our priority. All data is stored and transmitted using the highest encryption standards, but we take data security to the next level with:

Workspace Data Residency

Data residency

You decide where your workspace data is stored for legal and regulatory purposes.

Data Isolation

Data isolation

Your workspace data is completely isolated from other customer workspaces.

Workflow templates

Our workflow templates are efficient & solve many common problems. Select & publish a flow in seconds. Yes, we mean seconds, not hours or days.

Templates for any organisation

Templates for any organisation

Use a template as-is or modify it to suit your specific needs.

Template library is growing

Our library is always growing

Let us know if there is a template that you would like us to create.

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