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Assess.one is feature packed and designed for flexibility for any organisation and any workflow use case with an easy to use interface

Design your own workflow

Not all organisations are the same which is why assess.one is highly customisable to meet the unique workflow requirements of your organisation. Create unlimited workflows for any process and start creating assessments in minutes.

Design Your Own WorkflowDesign your workflow background
Drag and Drop Workflow Builder

Drag & Drop Components

Add form components and buttons with powerful actions to your workflow canvas using the component tool bar and position them as required.

Workflow logic no code

Logic Without Code

Add conditional display rules to form components and easily create your own button logic when a button is clicked.

Workflow stages icon

Workflow Stages

Create a single stage workflow or add multiple stages where you require multiple steps to complete the workflow.

Features to build workflows for anything!

Build a form with any form field and add buttons with logic to determine how your workflow will progress.

Features to build workflowsWorkflow features background
Static Text Workflow Feature

Static Text

Add static text to your workflow such as headings and instructional text.

Text Input Area Workflow Feature

Text Input Area

Add the text area input component to your workflow where multiple paragraphs of text are required.

Text Input Field Workflow Feature

Text Input Field

Add text input fields to your workflow to collect data for any purpose.

Lookup Field Workflow Feature

Lookup Field

Add lookup fields to your workflow to reference your uploaded data and auto populate other fields.

Assign To People or Teams Workflow Feature

Assign To Field

Add assignment fields to your workflow to assign assessments to individuals or teams.

Checkbox Field Workflow Feature

Checkbox Field

Add checkbox fields to your workflow for single or multiple option selection.

Radio Button Field Workflow Feature

Radio Button Field

Add radio button fields to your workflow for the selection of single options.

Dropdown List Field Workflow Feature

Dropdown List Field

Add dropdown list fields to your workflow for single or multiple selection.

Date & Time Picker Field Workflow Feature

Date & Time Picker Field

Add date and time picker fields to your workflow for date and time selection.

Due Date Field Workflow Feature

Due Date Field

Add due date fields to your workflow where assessments have a specific due date with alert notifications.

Signature Pad Field Workflow Feature

Signature Pad

Need to record a signature? Simply add the signature pad to your workflow.

File Upload Workflow Feature

File Upload

Add file upload to your workflow to upload images and files in assessments.

Static Images Workflow Feature

Static Images

Add images to your workflow to include your branding or reference images when completing assessments.

Conditional Action Logic Workflow Feature

Conditional Action Logic

Add conditional logic without using code to perform actions when certain criteria is met.

Workflow Stages Feature


Whether you need a single stage workflow or a workflow with multiple steps, stages can be added with the click of a button.

Buttons with Actions Workflow Feature

Buttons With Actions

Add buttons to your workflow with actions including making stages read only, visual effects and progressing the workflow.

Conditional Field Display Workflow Feature

Conditional Field Display

Add conditional display logic to your workflow to display fields when certain conditions are met.

Workflow Stage Options Workflow Feature

Stage Options

Options to allow the preview of stages or allow skipping of stages when completing assessments.

Custom Email Workflow Feature

Custom Email Templates

Send custom emails with workflow dynamic values throughout your workflow.

Comments Workflow Feature


Enhance team collaboration by adding comments to assessments with tagging & notifications.

History Workflow Feature


View a complete audit history of all changes and views on your workflow assessments.

Create New Workflow Assessment


Assessments are records that are created based on your published workflow design and logic and there are no limits to the number of assessments you and your team create.

Workflow assessments background
Quick and Easy Workflow Assessments

Quick & Easy

Simply click on the new assessments icon, select your workflow and your new assessment is ready.

Monitor Workflow Assessments


Monitor assessments across your organisation on your dashboard or on the assess page.

Create Bulk Workflow Assessments

Create Bulk Assessments

Easily upload your data and automatically create assessments based on your uploaded data.


At assess.one we take security seriously. Not only do we follow industry security standards, but we take security to the next level!

Workflow Security FeaturesWorkflow security background
Multi Factor Authentication Workflow Security

Multi Factor Authentication

Add multi factor authentication to your account using SMS or your preferred authentication app.

Data Isolation as Standard Workflow Security

Data Isolation as Standard

Your data is completely isolated from other customers.

Data Residency as Standard Workflow Security

Data Residency as Standard

It's your data and you should decide where your data is stored for legal, regulatory purposes and peace of mind.

Encryption at Rest Workflow Security

Encryption at Rest

All your workspace data is encrypted at rest to the highest industry encryption standards.

Encryption in Transit Workflow Security

Encryption in Transit

All data interacted with your workspace is encrypted to the highest industry encryption standards.

Realtime Monitoring Workflow Security

Realtime Monitoring

We constantly monitor, test and proactively protect all infrastructure within the environment.

Invite Only Access Workflow Security

Invite Only Access

Team members can only be added to your workspace by invitation by people with the appropriate permission.

Restrict Workflows Security

Restrict Workflows

Allow everyone in your organisation to view and create assessments or restrict access to certain individuals or groups.

Roles and Permissions Workflow Security

Roles & Permissions

Use our standard user roles or create your own roles with specific workspace permissions.

More workflow features

Want more features?

Assess.one is packed with many features with some magic behind the scenes. We are constantly adding new features so please reach out if there is a feature you would like.

Want more workflow features background
Data Store Feature

Data Stores

Upload your own data for use with lookup fields in your workflow.

Auto Save Feature

Auto Save

All changes to your workflows and assessments are automatically saved.

Offline Support Feature

Offline Support

Designed for areas of poor internet connections to ensure yo do not lose your data.

Mobile Device Support Feature

Mobile Devices

Use assess.one on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Built for Teams Feature

Built for Teams

Easily add your team members to your workspace.

Workflow Widgets Feature


Widgets to monitor progress across specific workflows or across your workspace.

Workflow Notifications Feature


Add notifications on certain actions or when team members are assigned an assessment.

Signin with Google Feature

With Google

and sign-up using your Google account.

Signin with Microsoft Feature

with Microsoft

and sign-up using your Microsoft account.

Don’t just take our word for it

Sabrina Testimonial

Sabrina Llewellyn

Los Angeles, USA

“Assess.one has completely changed our business by centralizing all our processes into efficient workflows“

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John Testimonial

John Taylor

Sydney, Australia

“It's just so easy to use and I love the visual effects when completing certain workflow steps“

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Richard Testimonial

Rich Carter

San Francisco, USA

“We have been able to consolidate 4 different solutions onto 1 with assess.one saving us thousands“

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Kathie Testimonial

Kathie Allen

London, UK

“My life just got so much easier! We now manage all our front office processes using Assess.one“

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Suzie Testimonial

Suzie Tremblay

Vancouver, CA

“I like how assess.one supports our business agility. We can update our flows so easily“

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Michael Testimonial

Michael Lee


“Our risk and incident management processes just got a thousand times easier“

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Tom Testimonial

Tom Phelps

Auckland, NZ

“It's just so easy. We currently have 16 workflows setup in our workspace“

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Kath Testimonial

Kathie Wong

Brisbane, AU

“I love the visual effects! More visual effects please.“

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