Introducing AssessAI - Create Workflows with AI

Creating workflows with just got even easier! Use AssessAI to create a workflow for anything!

Introducing AssessAI - Create Workflows with AI
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Just when you thought creating workflows with couldn't get any easier, we have introduced AssessAI (beta)! AssessAI is available for free on all workspaces.

Simply ask AssessAI to create a workflow based on your use case and AssessAI will publish your workflow to your workspace in seconds.

Not sure which workflows will help drive efficiency in your organisation? Simply ask AssessAI to suggest workflows for your organisation, request a suggested workflow and AssessAI will publish the workflow.

AssessAI is available on all workspaces in the USA 🇺🇸, European Union 🇪🇺 and Australia 🇦🇺

How it Works

AssessAI is available to anyone on the workspace that has permission to create workflows. To use AssessAI, create an account at or use your existing account.

  1. Click on the AI robot icon on the menu.
  2. Provide your workflow requirement or click on a Popular Suggestion
  3. When submitting your request, AssessAI will create and publish your workflow to your workspace.
AI generated workflow
Ask AssessAI to create a workflow based on your requirements
AI suggest workflow
Ask AssessAI to suggest workflow ideas

Example Requests

AssessAI will provide the best possible outcome based on the detail that you provide in the request. Here are some workflow request examples:

Request Workflow Requests - Basic

Basic workflow requests will result in the creation of a workflow; however the workflow is likely to be generic and might not meet your specific needs.

  • Publish a change management workflow
  • Publish an incident management workflow
  • Publish a workflow to checkin visitors to my workplace
  • Publish a CRM workflow
  • Publish a machinery maintenance workflow

Request Workflow Requests - Detailed (Better)

Detailed requests with more context are likely to get a better result more suitable for your use case.

  • I lead a change management team at a bank. Publish a workflow to record change requests from staff at our company with stages for my team to review the change request through to completion.
  • I lead an incident management team at a large insurance company. Publish a workflow with a stage for staff to report workplace incidents and additional stages for my team to triage and resolve incidents.
  • I would like a workflow to checkin visitors to our workplace. The first stage should include fields to record visitor details and issue an identification pass. Once checked in, progress to a second stage for visitor feedback and a button to checkout the visitor.
  • Create a CRM workflow with a stage to record all the lead details including first name, middle name, last name, email address, telephone numbers, products/services of interest etc. Additional stages tare required to assign and progress the lead to a qualified lead are required.
  • I manage a company that performs maintenance on heavy machinery. I require a workflow to record customer maintenance requests with the option to select the type of machinery required for maintenance. Additional stages are required to assign the maintenance task to our engineers with maintenance tasks to perform through to completion.

Suggest Workflows - Basic

Basic workflow requests will result in workflow suggestions that are likely to be useful, but might not be specific enough for your use cases or organisation.

  • Suggest workflows for banks
  • Suggest workflows for insurance companies
  • Suggest workflows for small business
  • Suggest workflows for equipment maintenance companies

Suggest Workflows - Detailed (Better)

Detailed workflow suggestion requests will provide more context to your use case and organisation resulting in workflow suggestions that better meet your needs:

  • I lead an incident management team at a bank. Suggest workflows to help my team manage our incident processes.
  • I lead the customer service team at a global insurance company. Suggest workflows to help with our customer service experience.
  • I manage a company that performs maintenance on mining heavy machinery. Suggest workflows to help us improve customer service and efficiently complete maintenance requests.

Things to Note

🐞 AssessAI might make mistakes.

🧪 Always test your workflows before using them in production.

🇺🇸 AssessAI requests are processed in the USA. AssessAI published workflows and all associated data will be stored in your chosen workspace region.

❤️ AssessAI is built with safety and ethical guidelines in mind. Requesting workflows that do not follow these guidelines will not be created.

📈 AssessAI is receiving regular improvements and your experience from one day to the next might differ.

How are we doing?

Please let us know what you think about AssessAI. AssessAI is in beta with regular updates being deployed based on customer feedback. Please let us know how we are doing by clicking on the Submit Feedback link on the AssessAI page or reach out to use here: