Introducing Workflow Custom Emails

Elevate your workflow communication with's dynamic Custom Emails feature, offering seamless integration and far-reaching benefits.

Introducing Workflow Custom Emails
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In the ever-evolving landscape of workflow management, has introduced a new dynamic workflow feature – Custom Emails.

This exciting addition aims to enhance communication within workflows, offering a powerful tool to streamline communication inside and outside your organisation seamlessly throughout the workflow.

How it Works

Creating and leveraging custom email templates within is a straightforward process. By creating a custom email template, you can specify recipients, choosing from existing in-app users, roles, or email fields within the workflow. The magic happens with a simple addition in the workflow builder – the "send email" action on a button. Simply add the "Send email" action to any workflow button and select a custom email template to trigger the sending of the email. You can also use conditional action logic to trigger the ending of your custom emails.

Custom emails can be applied to both in-app only workflows or external form workflows.

Dynamic Fields

Custom emails within come equipped with dynamic fields, neatly categorised into three types:

  1. Dynamic System Values: These values facilitate the insertion of workflow system specific information like workflow assessment ID, workflow assessment name, description, and app user names.
  2. Dynamic Workflow Values: These values open the door to include any field value within the workflow.
  3. Dynamic Buttons: Buttons add an interactive element to the email body, allowing recipients direct access to the workflow when clicked.

Workflow Integration

The true brilliance of custom emails lies in their organic integration with workflow processes. Whether it's sending crucial notifications or requests for action, this feature seamlessly becomes an intrinsic part of your workflow, enhancing communication at every stage.


The benefits of integrating custom emails into workflow designs are far-reaching. From streamlined communication channels to timely notifications and improved collaboration, you can expect a transformative impact. This feature doesn't just add value; it becomes a strategic asset in fostering a connected and informed workflow environment.

Use Cases

Let's talk real-world scenarios. From urgent project updates demanding the spotlight to client interactions craving that personal touch, custom emails are your secret weapon. It's not customisation for the sake of it; it's tailored communication – a strategic advantage that sets you apart.

Here are just a few examples of how custom emails might be used in your workflows:

  1. Customer Support: When a customer submits a support request the customer immediately receives a personalised email including a reference number, link to the ticket and the name of the person or team looking after their request. On completion of the support request, the customer receives an email advising them of the outcome.
  2. Product or Service Applications: When a customer applies for a specific product or service, the customer immediately receives an email confirming that their application has been received. The customer will continue to receive progress email updates as the workflow progresses.
  3. Maintenance: If you are using maintenance request workflows, when a maintenance request is logged, the requestor will receive confirmation that their maintenance request has been logged with dates on when the maintenance will be performed. The requestor will continue to receive email updates as the maintenance request progresses.
  4. Visitor Checkin: When someone checks into your work site, an email is sent to the visitor and other employees advising the they have been checked in. On checkout another email is sent confirming that they have successfully been checked out of the work site.
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Custom emails have millions of use cases to enhance your workflows. With custom emails, continues to empower customers to streamline processes, collect valuable data, increate efficiency, and facilitate your engagement with a broader audience without the need for complex coding.

How will you use custom emails in your workflows to enhance your business process and provide exceptional customer service and employee experience?