Workflow Assessment Comments

Enhance team collaboration and visibility in workflow assessments with's commenting feature, enabling easy tagging notifications.

Introduction is built with team collaboration and workflow efficiency in mind to support your organisation.

Workflow assessment comments support collaboration and workflow efficiency by providing you and your team with the ability to add comments to any workflow assessment with the option to tag and notify other team members within your workspace. When tagging a team member in a comment, the team member will receive an in-app notification and an email advising that they have been tagged in the comment with the option to view the comment within the workflow assessment.

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Example Usage

There are many reasons why comments might be added to workflow assessments; however, here are a few example use cases:

  • Recording decisions.
  • Seeking feedback from other team members.
  • Asking other team members questions on the assessment subject matter.
  • Requesting approvals from other team members to action specific stages of the workflow.
  • Recording notes on next steps to progress the workflow. For example, if a workflow has not progressed, a note can be recorded as to why it is on hold.


Adding comments to workflow assessments is super easy and is always available when viewing a workflow assessment.

  1. Navigate to the Assess option on the left hand app menu.
  2. Click on an assessment record.
  3. Click on the Comment icon on the right hand side of the assessment record.
  4. Enter a comment into the text box and click on the Up icon to record the comment.
  5. In the text area, use the @ symbol on your keyboard or click on the @ icon to select and tag a team member. When submitting the comment with a tagged team member/s the team member/s will be immediately notified with an in-app notification and an email.
  6. Click on the Emoji icon to add emojis to your comment 🤗
  7. Team members who wrote the comment can Delete the comment by clicking on the Trash icon next to the comment.
  8. Team members who wrote the comment can Edit the comment by clicking on the Pencil icon next to the comment.

Workflow assessment commenting between team members
Commenting on a workflow assessment between team members

Comment tag in-app notification
In-app notification when tagged in a comment

Comment icon with comment count
Comment icon with comment count


There are two primary settings that are available to the workspace Owner or custom roles with the Manage workspace permissions. To access these settings, click on the Settings option on the left hand menu and select the Email Templates tab.

  1. Comment mention notifications - This option is enabled across the workspace default resulting in email notifications being sent to team members that are tagged in comments. Turn off the toggle switch to stop emails being sent to team members when they are tagged in a comment. Team members will continue to receive in-app notifications when the toggle switch is turned off.
  2. Edit email notification - This option provides you with the ability to edit the contents of the email notification that is sent to team members when they are tagged in a comment. Simply click on the edit icon for Comment mention notifications to change the email notification subject and email body. You can also add dynamic system values to the email subject and body including the name of the recipient, the Assessment ID, Assessment Name and Assessment Description. Using the Insert Button option in the email body editor you can also insert a button that links directly to the comment when clicked by the recipient. The button text is easily changed by double clicking on the button text and typing in your desired button name or call to action.
Comment mention notification email settings
Comment mention notifications - On/Off toggle and Edit Email Notification option

Edit comment mention email notification email subject and body
Edit Comment Mention Notification Email subject and body


Commenting with notifications is an easy to use and powerful feature to help you and your team efficiently collaborate and progress your workflow assessments.