How to Add Static Text to a Workflow

Add static text in different colours, formatting, and headings to guide users or separate sections in your workflow.


Static text is a great way to to provide guidance information to users or separate different sections of your workflow with headings. Static text can be added anywhere on your workflow canvas with options to change the text colour, formatting, link text to another location such as a web address or to add text headings.

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Example Usage

  • Add paragraphs of text to your workflow with guidance information when people complete assessments.
  • Add heading text to separate out sections of your workflow stages.
  • Link text to a shared drive, website or external document.


  1. Open an existing workflow or create a new workflow.
  2. Click on the "Static Text" option on the component toolbar to add static text to your workflow canvas.
  3. Update the placeholder text to the required text by double clicking on the static text component.
  4. Use the component vertical and horizontal handles to adjust the size of the static text area.
  5. Use the drag handle on the left of the component to move the component anywhere on the workflow canvas.
  6. Change the text color, formatting and style.
Add static text component from component toolbar
Click on the "Static Text" option on the component toolbar


Static text settings are available when clicking on the static text component on the workflow canvas. When clicking off the static text component the static text settings will no longer be visible.

Static text settings include:

Text Color

Click on the color palette to select a pre-set color, enter a color HEX value or click on the color panel to select a color from the color picker.

Static text color settings with color palette displayed
Static text color settings with color palette

Font Weight

Adjust the weight of the font by highlighting your text and clicking on the font weight drop-down. The default font weight is "Regular" with the following additional options:

  • Bold
  • Black
  • Thin
  • Light
  • Italic
  • Italic Medium
  • Italic Bold
Static text font weight settings
Static text font weight settings with italic styling selected

Strikethrough Text

The strikethrough option will apply a strikethrough effect to your selected text. Simply highlight the text that you would like to apply the strikethrough to and click on the strikethrough button.

Apply a strikethrough effect to static text
Strikethrough effect applied to static text


The hyperlink option will enable you to apply an external hyperlink to the selected text. When clicked, the hyperlink will be opened in a separate browser window. To apply a hyperlink to static text, select the text that you would like the hyperlink applied to and click on the link icon to add the hyperlink.

Add a hyperlink to static text
Add a hyperlink to static text


The lists option enables you to add a bulleted or numbered list to your text. Click on the "list" icon and select either the "bulleted" or "numbered" list option and start typing into the text area to create your list. A new numbered or bulleted line will be created when pressing enter/return on the keyboard.

Static text list options
Static text list options with numbered and bulleted list

Text Alignment

The text alignment option allows you to left align, centre or right align your static text. Select your text and select the desired alignment.

Static text alignment settings
Static text alignment with example text left, centre and right aligned

Text Headings

By default, all text in the static text component is "paragraph" text. To change the text to a heading, highlight the text and select the required heading size.

Static text headings options
Static text with example heading text

Reset Static Text

Click on the "Reset" button to completely reset all static text settings. All static text and the applied settings will be removed and cannot be undone when clicking the rest button.

Reset static text component button
Button to reset the static text component

Delete Button

When clicking the "Delete" button, the static text button will be deleted from the workflow canvas and cannot be undone. You can also press the enter/return key on your keyboard to delete the static text component or any other component. A confirmation prompt will be displayed asking for confirmation before the component is deleted.

Delete static text component button
Button to delete the static text component


Adding static text to a workflow can be a great way to provide information to users or make your workflows more visually appealing. By following the steps above, you can easily add static text to any workflow in