How to Add a Checkbox field to a workflow

Enable single or multiple option selection with's flexible and popular Checkbox field, enhancing workflow customization.


Checkboxes are a useful form component to add to your workflows allowing people to select a single selection option or multiple options. Adding a checkbox field to your workflow is easy with the ability to add your own selection options, make the field mandatory, restrict view and editor access, display data from other checkbox fields and conditional display.

Simply select the "Checkbox field" from the component tool bar to add a checkbox to your workflow canvas.

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Example Usage

The checkbox field can be used for many use cases where you want to display selection options in a checkbox format and record the selections. Some examples include:

  • Selecting one or more locations.
  • Selecting one or more product options.
  • Selecting a product type.
  • Selecting a range of numbers.

The checkbox field is very flexible and can be used for any use case based on the purpose of your workflow.


  1. Open an existing workflow or create a new workflow.
  2. Click on the "Checkbox Field" option on the component toolbar to add the field to your workflow canvas.
  3. Configure the settings of the field in the "Checkbox settings" pane on the right hand side of the flow builder.
  4. Drag the "Checkbox" field to the desired location on the stage canvas.
  5. Use the grab handles to change the width and height of the "Checkbox" field.
Add checkbox field on component tool bar
Add the "Checkbox" field to your workflow canvas


The following general settings are available to configure the "Checkbox" field:

  • Label: Add a text label to display text above the checkbox field. Delete this text if you do not want a label to be displayed.
  • Options: By default, there are three (3) options available for the checkbox selection options. Change the text for each option to represent the options that you would like to be displayed for selection. Add more selection options by clicking on the "Add" button and delete existing options by clicking on the trash icon next to each option.
  • Viewers: By default, anyone will be able to view the checkbox field. If you would like to restrict who can view the field when completing assessments, select the role or individual people from the "Viewers" drop-down field.
  • Editors: By default, anyone will be able to select the checkbox field options. If you would like to restrict who can select the checkbox options when completing assessments, select the role or individual people from the "Editors" drop-down field.
  • Display Data From: If you have another checkbox field, you can automatically populate the value from that field to display in another checkbox field. This is particularly useful where you have a workflow stage which is a confirmation page based on previously input values to summarise what was input. Click on the "Display data from" dropdown to select another checkbox field. The field will be read only when displaying data from another field.
  • Inactive: When clicking the "Inactive" checkbox, the checkbox field will be displayed in an inactive state and the field will not accept any input.
  • Required: Select the "Required" checkbox if input is required in the checkbox field when completing assessments. Validation will occur when someone clicks on a button where the button's "Check required" setting is selected.
  • Required Text: If the "Required" checkbox is selected a message will appear below the checkbox field advising that the field requires a selection on button click. Change the "Required text" to display your own custom validation message.
  • Add to assess table: Select this option if you would like the field values to be displayed as a column when viewing all assessments under the "Assess" page.
Checkbox field settings
Checkbox field settings

Conditional Display

Conditional display provides you with the ability to display the checkbox field when certain conditions are met with other fields in the workflow. For example, if I add a radio button field to the workflow canvas with the options Yes, No and Other. When someone selects "Other" then the checkbox field will be displayed.

  • IF: Select the "Field" option from the drop-down (currently the only value available)
  • Field: Select a radio, dropdown or checkbox field that has been added to any stage canvas of your workflow.
  • Equals: Select the field value that will result in the checkbox field being displayed.
Checkbox conditional display settings
Conditional display set for the "Checkbox" field


Checkbox fields are a very useful and popular form component to add to your workflows where one or more options are required for selection. Simply add the component to your workflow canvas and collect any type of selection data using checkbox fields.