How to Add Static Images to a Workflow

Enhance your assessments and workflows by easily adding images for reference or branding using the Static Image component.


Images can easily be added to workflows to display images for reference when completing assessments to to add branding. Images are added by clicking on the "Static Image" component on the component tool bar.

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Example Usage

You could add an image to a workflow to:

  • Reference an image when completing assessments.
  • Add branding to your workflow.
  • Add images as headers or footers to assessments.


  1. Open an existing workflow or create a new workflow.
  2. Click on the "Static Image" option on the component tool bar.
  3. In the "Image Settings" on the right hand side of the workflow canvas, click on the "Upload or replace image" area.
  4. Select an image to upload.
  5. Move the image drag handles to adjust the size of the image.
  6. Drag the image on the workflow canvas to move the image to the desired position.
Add a static image to the workflow
Select "Static Image" on the component toolbar to add an image to your workflow


The following general settings can be configured for static images:

  • Label: Enter the name of the text that you would like displayed above the image. If you do not want text displayed above the image, simply delete the label text.
  • Viewers: By default, anyone can view the image when completing the assessment. If you would like to restrict who can view the image, select the roles or individuals that you want to see the image when completing an assessment.
  • Upload or replace image: Click on the file upload area to upload an image or replace an existing image.
  • Conditional Display: Display the image when certain conditions are met with other fields. For example, if I add a radio button field to the canvas and someone selects "Yes" then the image will be displayed.
Static Image settings
Image settings


Adding images to workflows is easy and are a great way to reference images, add branding or generally improve the look of your workflows when completing assessments.